Introduction of Our Services

Introduction of Our Services

Public Service Activities of Blood Glucose Screening and Examination

Take turns to go to various towns in the county to carry out the public service every two months, to provide the services of measuring blood glucose and blood pressure for the public, so as to raise their health awareness. According to the previous screening, we found there were 13%~23% of people who have no idea about the problems that they have had high blood glucose. After consulting the diabetes educators, the people with high blood glucose are suggested to have further examination and start to treat and control their blood glucose as soon as possible. It not only can reduce the risk of complication but also can reduce the future burden of family and society.

Public Service Activities of Blood Glucose Screening and Examination

Public Service Activities of Blood Glucose Screening and Examination


Hold Lectures for Advocating the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

Go to communities to advocate the prevention and treatment of diabetes for people, so as to improve their awareness for their own health.

Hold Lectures for Advocating the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

Hold Lectures for Advocating the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

DIY  Workshop

We invite the children with Type 1 diabetes to take part in the activities, make artwork, such as sewing, colored drawing and collage, , so as to help them improve concentration and patience in the process, and male friends. The children will know they are not alone, and they can get supported and comfort mentally.

DIY Workshop

Visit the Patients with Diabetes to Show Our Loving Care

Our volunteers go to visit the patients who have needs each month, and we also take some nourishments to them and provide proper assistance for them. Some people live in the mountains, so our volunteers have to drive for more than one hour to their homes. Most of them are senior citizens , and some of them even live alone. They lack supporting system, and their knowledge level is also relatively low, so it is quite difficult for them to receive complete education about diabetes . Through the service of several volunteers to one patient, they learn to measure blood glucose and have insulin injection by themselves, and their blood glucose situation is also improved. If their family members are also at home, our volunteers will teach their family members to measure blood glucose and inject insulin for them. We will call them after visiting, hoping the blood glucose situation of those patients can be really improved.

Those patients were very happy when our volunteers visit them. A patient’s family engages in selling barbequed sausage, her daughter-in-law barbequed some sausages for our volunteers when they visited them. Through the face- to-face service, our volunteers also feel warm and realize the significance in the process of service.

Visit the Patients with Diabetes Visit the Patients with Diabetes


Allowance of Test Strips

Although there is health insurance in Taiwan which can make people enjoy cheep medical services, the test strips of blood glucose that patients with diabetes need to use are still not in the scope of insurance, so the patients have to pay them by themselves. Some patients can not afford those test strips because of their poor economic conditions or no income, which causes that they are not able to control blood glucose well. We allocate some funds to purchase the test strips for them, to make them be able to measure blood glucose and improve their blood glucose situation. So far, 108 patients have benefited from the project.

Allowance of Test Strips

Show Care for Campus Support System

In order to make teachers and students in the campuses have a correct understanding about diabetes and to help young people with diabetes control blood glucose well, we send a set of books related to diabetes to schools’ health centers, including nursing of diabetes, psychological encouragement, professional information, DVD, wrong and superstitious ideas and the glucose syrups  for dealing with hypoglycemia, to support young people with diabetes.

The price of this set of resources is NTD 2700 , but for donation, you only need to donate NTD 2000 , we will donate the set of books to the schools needing the resource. The plan has achieved good effects after implementation, and 50 elementary and junior high schools have benefited from it.

In addition, we also prepare brief information about diabetes and give them away to schools, to help teachers and students have clear understanding about diabetes.

贈送糖尿病套書給學校Care for type 1 diabetes in schoolDSC_3721


Patient expert training

The association upholds the concept of patient self-health management. We hold diabetes camps to teach patients about food exange, carbohydrate counting, healthy diet, knowledge of insulins,  how to exercise and even how to make healthy breads.

Through easy, interactive and practical way of learning to help patients to implement the spirit of “I’m responsible for my health!” and to  help them to reach their glycemic control. Therefore,  they can share the experience  to more diabetic patients.

Patient expert trainingDSC00113IMG_20151115_111206 IMG_20151115_114717

Hold Seminars for the Medical Workers of Diabetes

In addition to serving the patients with diabetes, the association also makes great efforts in promoting the improvement of medical workers’ professional knowledge. We hold diabetes seminars and invite some authorities in the field of diabetes to give lectures. The seminars are open to doctors, , registered nurses, dietitians and pharmacists, so as to increase their professional knowledge.

Hold Seminars for the Medical Workers of Diabetessteno trainingSeminars for the Medical Workers of DiabetesIMG_20160306_093819

Advocate the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes on the Air


New Guinness world records:

320 patients injected insulin at the same time on 19 October 2014

New Guinness world records: 320 patients injected insulin at the same time on 19 October 2014 New Guinness world records: 320 patients injected insulin at the same time on 19 October 2014

IMG_0536 IMG_0496


Patients’ Home Environment Cleanup

clean patients house

Support T1 Diabetes Summer Camp in Vietnam in 2015

type 1 summer camp in Vietnam 2015

Patient recreational cycling activities

bike activity DSC_7424



Organize tours for the Patients with Diabetes and volunteers 

We hold large tourist activities for patients with diabetes, and the patients go to visit many places of interest with us in Taiwan. Before each journey, we group the patients into different teams, and each team has a volunteer leader and a diabetes educator, to guarantee the patients can have a safe and happy trip. Educators give  some methods for controlling diabetes on tour buses, such as diet management, carbohydrate counting, knowledge of insulin pump, medication use and safety on trip, physical activities, and so on. Besides, patient experts can share their successful experience, so they not only can have a good trip, but also can learn some skills for controlling diabetes.

DSC_2591 DSC_2522


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